Getting Started with Google Drive

Welcome to the Google Drive Basics Course!

Each section in this course will follow a specific format and include the following basic materials:

  • A Techy Coach Video Tutorial
  • A Step by Step Guide covering Drive Basics
  • And a Quiz

You will be required to pass a quiz before moving on to each new section.

As you follow the course, your progress will appear at the left side of the screen.

Have fun and enjoy the course!

Getting Started with Google Drive.pdf

When I first discovered GSuite, I was a bit skeptical of using Google Drive at first, so I tried using it solely for one month to see if I could manage it - I've never looked back. I think you'll feel the same way.

Now that you've learned about accessing and using Google Drive, try the following:

  • Upload frequently used files and folders to your new Drive Account
  • Try the conversion setting - Upload your Microsoft Files to try them in the Google Docs Editor. Don't worry, you can keep the original copies of your Microsoft files on your computer if something goes wrong.